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Web Design & HostingA Seamless Solution

Here at our Adelaide based business, we pride ourselves on producing customised affordable web design and hosting packages.

All of our designs meet the specific and unique needs of each of our individual clients. We research and take into account the many aspects of your business to ensure your target audience is attracted to your site and engages with your content.
When you work with Eye Dropper Designs, you don’t just get a website with us – we encompass every aspect – with every website. That includes logo design and graphics, website design and development, domain name registration and website hosting.

We will work with you, one-on-one, to ensure your site has exceeded your expectations.

Why Entrust Us with Your Website?

Website design and development is not for the faint-hearted.  When you want your site to look, feel and move the way you want it – you can’t go past a customised professional website design.

Our team of designers are based right here in Adelaide and are ready to create you a graphical masterpiece, whilst our developers get down to the nitty-gritty side of making it all come together. Combine all of this with our in-house domain and web hosting system and you really have found a one-stop-website-shop for all your small, medium or jumbo-sized website projects!

Keep scrolling down to find out more about our affordable website design packages.

The Elements

If you’re starting a new website – chance are you’re starting a new business. Have you organised your new logo and other graphic design needs yet?  No problem – We have built in your logo and graphic design needs into our website plans – for free!  When preparing your graphics, we research and take into account features that will best engage your target audience and website users – maximising your websites potential visibility.

With the online world turning heavily to promotional videos now, we’ve got you covered there too!  Check out our custom graphic animations – perfect to catch the attention of your viewers and push new products and services, or revitalise existing ones!

And it’s not just for your website either. We can design almost any printable or digital item you can think of – from posters and signs, to billboards and more. Pens, note pads, business cards, guest books… And the list goes on!

Hosting has the potential to cause a lot of grief for some DIY websiters.  How do you know what you need and how to put it all together…  There’s so much jargon involved and it can be quite overwhelming – and you haven’t even built your website yet…  What’s the difference between domain hosting and web hosting?

Our all-in-one solutions include all your hosting requirements and setup for free – we take the headaches away from you – so you can concentrate on the important stuff.  Your domain name and website hosting is always included in your monthly subscription – so you never have to worry about renewing contracts with external providers again – which can get more than a little messy…

Every website comes with fast, reliable and top quality cloud hosted platforms, spam & virus protection, email accounts, security certificates and much more – and the best part – you don’t have to lift a finger, we set it all up from the very beginning!

Once we’ve got your graphics and colour schemes sorted, we’ll work with your ideas and concepts to design you a custom built website to meet yours and your business’ needs. Whether it’s a small informational site, or a large company platform – we’ve got it covered!

If you’re not quite sure where to start or don’t really know what you might need – contact us today so we can talk you through some of our exciting features.  We’ll chat to you about what you might be needing on your site – from custom contact forms and landing pages through to E-commerce solutions, user management systems, search directories, application integrations and more. Whatever your needs are – we’re up for the challenge!

Check out some of our clients websites here.

Even the most basic of websites needs a little TLC from time to time.  All of our monthly packages comes with built-in website maintenance to help your site stay up to date, backed-up for those ‘just-in-case’ moments and kept as safely as possible away from all those spy-bots in the cyber world.

Our website maintenance also includes change requests – where you might want to modify or tweak certain features on your site, as well as ongoing technical support.

Need website maintenance but you’re not on one of our monthly plans?  That’s OK too – we can offer our maintenance package separate to our monthly plans, so get in touch to find out more.

how can we help you?

Give your business a fresh start, a new-look and a boost in the online world.  Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Thank you to everyone at Eye Dropper Designs who helped me create my logo and entire business branding. I’m really happy with the outcome and love the simplicity of my website. The SEO work you’ve done for me has boosted my business significantly – we had a really noticeable jump in leads, and we put it all back to your hard work. Thanks.

I love the simplicity!
Gary Bruce, Owner, Treefella Masters

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